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Shadowyze - Constantine the Great

Shadowyze - Constantine the Great

The Song of the Year songwriting contest has awarded Oliver Tuthill the Semi Finalist placement for Constantine the Great.

This new Christian themed single from Grammy nominated Shadowyze tells the story of Constantine The Great's victory at the Battle of Milvian Bridge in A.D. 312 during a civil war in which is opponent, Maxentius, was defeated outside the walls of the city of Rome. Constantine attributed his victory to God after seeing a cross in the sky the evening before battle. Constantine The Great came to power in A.D. 306 after the death of his father, Constantius Chlorus, (305-306) who ruled as Augustus in the northwestern part of the empire. In his youth Constantine had served the Emperor Diocletian (284-305) who put in motion a vast persecution of the Christians who refused to worship Rome's Pagan gods and was simultaneously impressed with the courage of the Christians and horrified at the mass slaughter. After attaining power he stopped the persecutions, helped pass the Edict of Milan in 313 which gave Christians the freedom of worship and eventually went on to make Christianity the state religion which propelled its popularity around the world. He died in 337 and was succeeded by his three sons.

Shadowyze - To Be or Not to Be

Shadowyze - To Be or Not to Be

Shadowyze's first single on the Blue Pony label is a rap song about William Shakespeare's most popular play - Hamlet. Shadowyze puts his unique spin on this beat heavy tune.

Marcus Allen (EvilG)
The Producer for the, Shadowyze's album is Marcus Allen (EvilG) who also worked with three time Grammy winning rapper Ludacris on his album “Battle Of The Sexes.” Shadowyze

Shadowyze - What Would Crazy Horse Say

Shadowyze - What Would Crazy Horse Say

Shadowyze's second single release on the Blue Pony label. The song is about Lakota warrior Crazy Horse titled What Would Crazy Horse Say. It is a hypothetical wondering on what Crazy Horse might feel about the problems of today's American Indians and what he would have to say about their situation. It is a companion piece to Tuthill's documentary on Crazy Horse titled Questions for Crazy Horse. Crazy Horse kept mostly to himself, never participated in the Sun Dance, never wore war paint or feathers, refused to have his picture taken, never lost a military engagement against the United States military and was assassinated at the age of 33. The song also features some members from Seattle's Choir of the Sound.

2011 Native American Music Award Nomination for Best Historical Song






Shadowyze: Constantine the Great


Shadowyze: To Be or Not to Be


Shadowyze: What Would Crazy Horse Say


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